Computer Lab

Welcome to Jamia Urdu College of Education Computer Lab

“We are almost blind and buried without the use of computer. It is one of the most important equipment that help us in every field”

(Alan Turing)

The Jamia Urdu College of Education has well equipped computer Lab to cater the needs of the students and faculty members. The College has Provide its student facility of internet with Wi-Fi. Every student gets an opportunity to become internet literate. The student gets sufficient time to surf & thus to get in touch with the world.

The computer lab has regularly update the IT facilities such as hardware, software and networking as per the requirements.

All e-books and study materials including all academic related data can be accessed through campus connectivity . 24/7 internet connectivity and full-fledged integration with Google apps enable quick sharing of information sharing across various platforms.


  • To enable students to make intelligent use of ICT.
  • To enable students to use existing technologies in education.
  • To develop and design ICT integrated learning resources.
  • To develop the professional and personal self.
  • To provide training and guidance to students and staff in I.T. Computers and in Technology.
  • To familiarize the students with world of computer.
  • To provide students and staff with a vary vast array of I.T. resources needed to promote learning.
  • To enhance the classroom teaching by using ICT.
  • To provide conducive environment for E-learning and Research.
  • To make teaching learning interesting and effective.
  • To familiarize the students with the use of ICT in the field of teaching learning process and research.
  • To develop the skills related to the use of computer.
  • To help students in the preparation of power point presentation.